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What we do...

Trumpet blower, critical friend, knowledge bank, motivational mentor and factory of ideas.  That's us.  We’re the tentacles that reach out, the hub that harvests talent and the key that unlocks opportunities.

Everything we do is about helping local food and drink businesses - to understand trends, to develop best practice and to get ahead of the game. To delight new audiences. To help build brands. And yes to help them make more money. To employ more people. To be able to pay them better. To train them better.

Why?  To help make Cornwall’s entire food and drink system tick – louder, faster and longer.  That’s our version of sustainability.

Here's what we get up to on a daily basis...

Building a stronger industry

Collective Platform

We listen to local businesses, who cover the entire breadth and scale of the food and drink supply chain, and represent the industry’s interests.  Regarded as the voice of Cornish food and drink, we have positive connections with numerous other organisations.  In our capacity as industry commentators, we’re frequently asked to take part in strategy development and contribute to media features. 

Through our own unique, award-winning food hall established alongside Waitrose in Truro, we've taken local food retailing to a new level. A 5000 sq ft space where ALL the produce is local, it's our bricks and mortar platform for collective development.  We're showcasing the best Cornish produce 361 days a year, offering a valuable route to market for suppliers and the easiest and most extensive access to local produce for shoppers.

Media Filter

We have great connections with trade and consumer media, locally and nationally, and are used as a reliable resource for food news stories.

Research and data

Knowledge is power, so they say. Not only do we keep track of what’s happening in the world of food and drink globally, but we also conduct our own research about Cornish food and drink. 

Special Projects

From time to time we enhance our core activity with special project work. For example we ran a Market Development Project for Cornish seafood and a skills-building project with Cornwall College and Cornwall Development Co.

Our Books

The award-winning Great Cornish Food Book and it's sister the Great Cornish Fish Book tell the story of our industry in a way that no-one else has done. It's economic development of our sector - but not as you know it. 


Building stronger businesses

Research and Intelligence

Nailing the basics with the right information is the best foundation for any business. Right product? Right market? Correct price? Enough margin? We’re here to share our advice and thoughts to answer quick questions for the industry, but can also undertake bespoke research and intelligence gathering for them, depending on resource and budget. We can run or host focus groups or market testing sessions for product development too, using our store's customer database. 

Business development services

From start-ups to exit strategies, we can help create and build businesses. Financial planning, routes to market, feasibility work, efficiency gains. You name it, we can probably do it. And if we don’t, we’re sure to know someone who can.

Marketing services

Need help defining your marketing strategy? Or maybe you’ve done that but need help executing the plan. From simple press releases to getting you started on social media; from checking menus for spelling accuracy to creating copy for all your written comms, we’ll do as much or as little as you want.


Many of Cornwall’s businesses are very small, often a one man/woman band. That’s very liberating but also makes it tricky to know how you’re doing sometimes. And unless you’re mightily disciplined, keeping on track can be a nightmare. Our coaching service can give you one-to-one support either on an on-going basis, or at the times you feel you need it most.