Who are we?

We’re a bright, hard-working, specialist team with oodles of expertise, mountains of knowledge, extraordinary enthusiasm and a reputation for setting ourselves a high bar getting things done.  All of us are multi-skilled, which is how our tiny team manages such a wide remit and, with a combined history of around 50 years working in food and drink, it’s something we live and breathe.  It goes with the territory that we all love cooking, eating and drinking too.

People are often surprised to learn that we’re not a quango and we’re not dependent on public money.  In fact, it’s because we’re a business ourselves that we understand other businesses and what makes them tick.  It also means we understand the importance of great service and value for money.   

Ruth Huxley Managing Director

The one who took the leap of faith and founded Cornwall Food & Drink in 2010, and then did it again and opened the Great Cornish Food Store in 2016. Ruth is a food and drink strategist, researcher, market analyst and now retailer, who has been specialising in Cornish food and drink for nearly 20 years.  Few can match her knowledge, energy, integrity and downright determination to see the sector she knows and loves thrive. Contact Ruth about any of our professional services, strategic partnerships, industry intelligence or supplying the store. 

Grace Lobb Events Manager/Visual Merchandiser

A Cornish farmer’s daughter and agricultural college graduate, there isn’t much Grace doesn’t know about food events – she’s been doing them – as both organiser and exhibitor – for well over a decade. With an eye for style and detail, and almost unflappable, she’s the reason our events have such a reputation for their professionalism and flair. She also applies this talent to making sure our store looks beautiful with our unique seasonal displays. Contact Grace about hosting or managing events or merchandising. 

Dave Huxley Director of Operations

With a lifetime’s knowledge of technology and systems, Dave keeps us all on track and oversees the smooth operation of the office and our store. He looks after all our operational requirements and is also an excellent copywriter and proof-reader. Contact Dave with general  enquiries or about buying or stocking our books.